10 point change

Northumberland adopts 10-point grading scale
Posted on 09/14/2015
10-Point Scale
Under the new grading scale, students will receive an “A” for scores of 90 to 100, a “B” for 80 to 89, a “C” for 70 to 79, and a “D” for 60 to 69. Grades below 60 are failing.

Previously, the schools operated on a 7-point scale for grades 2 through 12. To achieve an “A,” students had to reach 94 to 100, a “B” was set at 86 to 93, a “C” at 78 to 85, and a “D” at 70 to 77. Anything below 70 was considered a failing grade, according to assistant superintendent Dr. Holly Wargo.

Switching to the 10-point scale will make Northumberland students more consistent with other districts, said high school principal Dr. Travis Burns.

For example, Burns noted under the 7-point scale, Northumberland students with a 93 score received a “B” while other schools would award an “A” for that score.

While the 7-point scale is considered a more rigorous system, “the concern is that it’s not consistent with schools they compete with,” said Burns. The 10-point scale puts students on the same level to compete for college acceptance and scholarships because most schools and colleges use the 10-point system, he added.

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