Wifi Symbol With Earth .pngWe are committed to helping families without internet find options for connectivity. At our request, Atlantic Broadband has graciously made all of their WiFi hotspots available to the public at no charge.

 There are 4 in Northumberland:


  • 7085 Northumberland Hwy, Heathsville, Northumberland Courthouse
  • 757 Academic Lane, Heathsville, Northumberland Hub site behind School Complex & Sports Fields
  • 718 Jesse DuPont Memorial Hwy, Burgess, T&J's Dairy Barn
  • 846 Main Street, Reedville near water

There are many others in Montross and Kilmarnock. Go to this link to find locations:

The access point at the Elementary School is confirmed free. Access points have an 800 foot range. Simply connect to the access point and open a browser to test. You can use your cell phone to determine the best signal.

As always we also have limited free access in all NCPS building parking lots close to the buildings.